Blogging Is Dead: The Truth Behind the RumorsAfter the numerous Google algorithm changes, many people spread the rumor that blogging was dead. There’s no point doing it, because search engines aren’t interested in it.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Blogging isn’t dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and very important for your marketing. Blogging remains as one of the most beneficial ways to show your authority on a subject, while building your audience.

So why do so many people believe that blogging is dead?

The simple truth is that blogging has changed.

Before the algorithm changes, posting on article directories, like Ezine Articles, was the way to go. It would allow people to link back to their websites, while showing their authority. The sites already had a good ranking with search engines, so articles and blog posts were instantly ranked well.

However, individuals and business owners exploited SEO. They used numerous bad tactics, and these websites were quickly labelled as bad quality. Honestly, poor quality content was place on the sites, and others who shared content there were viewed as being just like all the rest.

Blogging is still alive when done properly…

This is the important part. You need to do it properly, so that it actually benefits your business.

The good news is there are a few ways of doing this. You need to avoid the article directory sites to start with. They’re not good for you or your business.

Starting your own blog, whether on your own site or as a separate blog, is the best thing to do. It will take time to build your page rank and your authority, but it is possible.

Remember blogging is a way to build credibility. You share useful information with your customers, clients or market, and let them know where they can go for help in your field. Those who trust you or like your posts are going to share them on social media; linking another form of marketing in with all this!

Blogging needs the right type of posts

Gone are the days when blogging was all about selling something. While sales pages still have their place, blogging isn’t about that. This type of blogging is dead; and will likely stay dead!

People want helpful information when they go online. If they’re looking for advice on something wrong with their car, they want a blog post that explains similar issues others have had and how they fixed them; or how much it could cost them. They don’t want a blatant sell for a product that may not even help!

Helpful information is going to be shared with others. Useful information is going to be linked to by others within your industry.

This is how you become an authority!

Is blogging dead? Certainly not. You just have to do it correctly. The old style of blogging is dead, and should be forgotten about. If you need help revamping your blog or getting started, don’t be afraid to hire a freelance blogger. You may not want us to write all your content, but we can consult on the great ways to make your content stand out and avoid poor blogging tactics.

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