is blogging deadThere was once a time blogging meant putting out as much content as possible, stuffed with grammatically incorrect keywords. It’s moved on a lot since then.

There are many who say blogging is dead, but really, it’s just dead in the way you know it. You need to boost your efforts if you really want to make content marketing work for your business. Here are three ways blogging has completely changed.

Quality Over Quantity

Not getting a post a day out there isn’t going to do you any harm. In fact, not having something up for a month won’t be too bad.

While Google wants fresh content, it also wants high quality content. It wants something that your readers will love and won’t click back on. If you’re able to offer that, you’ll find your site ranks much higher in the search results.

How can you do that? By putting focus on your readers. Think about what they really want to hear from you, and the way they want your words written.

Move Away from Keyword Stuffing

Remember those grammatically incorrect keywords that I told you about? It’s time to step away from them and focus on high quality, long-tail keywords.

Short phrases, stuffed into a piece of writing tells your readers and Google one thing: you’ve written for the robots. Long-tail keywords are the phrases that people will actually search for (they want specifics!) and limiting the use helps your words flow.

Have a few keyword phrases in mind, sure, but don’t overpower your content. Keyword stuffed blogging is dead and will remain that way for the foreseeable.

Videos Are Your Friend

Are you one of those bloggers who focused more on the words? At one point in time, only blogging was perfectly fine, but that isn’t the case anymore. People want videos. They want to be able to see your face and hear your voice.

Videos mean they can interact and get the content (often) in a shorter space of time. Think about it: are you more likely to chose a video over a long blog post? Of course you are!

If you’re not confident enough to put your face on the screen, there are plenty of whiteboard style video programs out there to purchase. Video Scribing will share all about how you can use it to your advantage.

It’s time to stop thinking of blogging as just a way to build links and get more page views. Blogging is dead in that sense. You’ll need to use it productively to build your business and impress your customers.

Do you need help with your blogging? Please let me. Get in touch today and we can discuss your project and budget needs.

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