You’ve hired a blogger and now you’re getting content that doesn’t really work for your goals. You thought that the blogger could do everything and would be great for your business, but now you’re not too sure.

Why Am I Not Getting the Content That I Want?Before you completely throw in the towel with hiring a blogger and using content marketing, you need to figure out why you’re not getting the content that you want. This could work both ways. After all, bloggers for hire aren’t mind readers.

Here’s a look at a few reasons why you’re not getting the exact content that you want.

You’ve Not Given Enough Information

Quite frankly, this is one of the problems I’ve had with clients in the past. I’ve been given a keyword or two and then communication has stopped. All I have is a deadline to work with and my own thought process on using that keyword.

There have been times that I’ve taken the wrong angle. Well, I’ve taken the wrong angle for the company but I haven’t realised that. There’s been nothing in the discussions about a particular angle or need. There’s been no information about customers or the blogging aims that the client has. I’ve taken the angle that I believed would work.

As I say, we’re not mind readers. We need to know who your audience is and the goals you have with your content marketing. We need to know more about what you want to gain with the content and the angle that you’d like to take with it.

If you’re going to leave it up to use to develop, then you may find that bloggers take the wrong angle.

There’s Been Some Miscommunication

Sometimes the instructions can be vague or ambiguous. Bloggers get the wrong idea or understand the wrong goals, and then you end up with content that doesn’t really work.

A professional blogger shouldn’t have this issue. If there are areas that are unclear or have double meanings, the blogger should ask questions. I always make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to work, as I don’t want to provide content that doesn’t work for you.

If you think there’s been some miscommunication, look into getting revisions. I’m happy to work with you to create the best content, especially where miscommunication has been the issue.

You’ve Not Hired the Right Blogger for Hire

If you’ve given plenty of information, you’ll need to consider the blogger you’ve hired. Not every single blogger out there is going to be right for you. Some will have excellent experience in working for financial businesses, while others prefer the parenting or self-help niches.

It’s important to do your research into a blogger you’re hiring. I recommend some sort of meeting, whether face to face or through Skype. This is a chance for you to both get to know each other and find out about interests and experience.

The blogger will likely ask you a lot of questions about your business and your needs. I know I do. I want to gain as much information as I can from that first meeting to know if I’m the right blogger for you. A professional blogger will also be able to create some content ideas off the top to help you know whether this is the right person to work with.

If one blogger for hire has failed to provide the right content, it doesn’t mean content marketing and blogging isn’t for you. You just need to go back to the drawing board to find the first blogger out there.

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You May Not Know What You Actually Want

Don’t worry if this is the case, because you’re not the only one. I’ve come across a lot of business owners who know that they need content but that’s it. They think they want one thing, but really it turns out that they’re on the wrong track.

This is where hiring bloggers comes in useful. We’ll likely known the best reasons to blog and can work with you to get your goals just right before you start ordering content. I always work with my clients to make sure they know just what they want to get out of the blog posts, so I can write with those goals in mind.

If you’ve not gone through this stage, then you could end up with content that you don’t think you want. Find out why your blogger has written this content and what the goal is.

You never know. It may just be the content you wanted all along.

You’ve Not Paid Your Blogger for Hire Enough

A few weeks ago, I shared what you actually get for that $5 blog post. If you’re not willing to pay your blogger enough, your content isn’t going to be great.

I treat all my clients equally, but then I don’t do the $5 blog posts. Writing is an art, and it takes time and experience to craft the perfect pieces. I just can’t do words justice without a fair pay.

You may have a blogger who is willing to take $5, but that means rushing work. They may also not spend the time with you to develop a clearly understanding of your needs.

Sure, there are going to be times that you don’t get the perfect content for your needs. Your blogger for hire may be inexperienced, not know your audience properly, or not have clear goals and aims to work with.

If you want a blogger who is able to work with you to create the perfect content, I’m available for hire. Please get in touch to find out more about my rates and blogging packages available.

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